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Weaving Tutorial Part I: Preparing your project

Several of my very close friends are now weaving, and while they have the actual weaving part down, the prospect of calculating what they need for a project, prepping of the warp, and dressing of the loom may be a bit daunting.

There are a myriad of ways do each of these things, but I thought I would share how I do them, as a reference.

However, before I touch anything, I decide on a project and select my threads.

For this project, I will be making fabric for a poncho using 8/2 tencel for the warp and Noro Retro for the weft. The weft yarn is a single ply wool/silk Aran weight that I practically begged off a knitting friend, I loved it so. She graciously gave it to me, and the poncho is actually for her!

My finished dimensions for the fabric should be 200" x 33".

To figure out how much material I need, I use the Weaving Calculator at Weavolution.

There are a number of Warp and Weft Calculators. There are sheets you can print to do the calculations by hand and keep the sheets…

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