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My husband is so patient and kind.

Not only has he been instrumental in helping me acquire and bring back to life a number of looms, he takes an active interest in my passions. He listens when I describe the projects I am contemplating, and gives thoughtful answers when I inquire as to his preferences, particularly when it involves the fabric for the duvet cover that I have planning for just over a year now.

The original plan was to use 8/2 cottolin in Natural for the warp and Marine for the weft.

With that plan in mind, I warped the Beast for a sampling of test tea towels in 11/2 cottolin in Natural (because I had it and wanted to preserve the 8/2 for the actual duvet fabric) with a variety of wefts, including 8/2 cottolin (both single and doubled), 5/2 mercerized cotton, 10/2 cotton, sport weight hemp, and 8/2 cotton (both single and doubled, as well). I documented the results of this experiment in the previous post.

The following was the moment for me:

The towels on the right (ora…

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