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Over the summer, I put a warp on the Beast with 8/2 natural cotton with a sett of 16. My plan was to make cotton chenille towels; however, the chenille I found was too light for what I wanted.

So, I had a warp I was not sure what to do with.

By September, I had an Aha! moment and decided to use the warp for tea towels (and extra fabric with which to make a top). Normally, tea towels are a default decision, but as this warp was approximately 32" wide on the loom, these would be woven with seams along the side, rather than both ends. Because this would have looked odd, I decided to trim all four sides of each towel in bias tape.

Excellent idea in theory, but I did not find any commercial bias tape that suited my fancy.

Undeterred, I researched how to make bias tape from the fabrics of my choice.

Last month, I spent two days making bias tape...yards and yards of bias tape. This is actually what remains:

On the third day, I was well and done with bias tape, although I did manage to …

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