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Macomber Hat Trick

If I had to have only one loom, the Beast at 56" would be the keeper, as he allows the most versatility; however, the 32" Lil Miss is hard to beat, as she is easy to treadle.

Fortunately, I have room for both and need not choose between them.

In my dream world, three looms would be the way to go with a sweet little 24" that I could dedicate to tea towels.

Unfortunately, in the last four years I have been searching for just such a loom, only two have come across my screen.

The first one was an hour away in Austin, Texas. I almost bought it, but the week before I had purchased the 32" Macomber from a lady in Oregon and was in the middle of working out shipping. I hesitated a scant ten minutes too long, and someone snapped it up.

The second one was an eight-shaft in Northern California. The price was right, but the lady was not interested is working with me to ship it (and I do not blame her, it can be a huge hassle). After a brief discussion with the wonderful husba…

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