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As an empath by nature, I am influenced by the emotions and energy of those around me, as well as the environment in which I find myself.  My mother stayed with us for a month over the holidays. Her constant state is usually one of chaos, a flurry of activity and motion for the sake of moving and nothing more, as she has never been one completely comfortable with her own thoughts.  As much as I love her and am grateful to still have her and for all she does, she taxes my soul and drains the life completely out of me.  With 2020 drawing to an end, I finished one warp after another. Instead of immediately dressing a spent loom, I allowed them to lay barren, as I focused on a long warp of baby wraps. Two of the four recipients are due in February and one in March. The other just announced her pregnancy with a baby coming in August. I am delighted three have been delivered. Perhaps, this coming weekend, the sweet husband will hand carry the final one to its family. When I worked on the bab

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