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There are times when I have fallen out of love or infatuation with a project, I refer to it as becoming disenchanted with something.

It happens.

At the moment, I have two projects on the knitting needles and three different sets of tea towels on three separate floor looms.

I am obsessed with ALL of them!

This is a problem because I can only work on one thing at a time.

The weaving aside, I have been dividing my time between a lace weight shawl with BEADS and a sport weight Fair Isle sweater.

The shawl was cast on last night.

The pattern actually calls for fingering weight yarn and does not mention beads at all...
It's a rather voluminous piece using some 1,100 yards of fingering weight yarn, I just did not want anything quite that heavy. With that many yards, I wanted something lighter and airier. As I have mentioned many times, I live in South Texas...
Also, once I read through the pattern, I saw where the edge design called for bobbles. I generally like bobbles and have no issue …

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