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Before the end of March, I finished my experiment with the Turned Taquete rug, and it was a good one. I had a new weft (discontinued Maysville Rug Filler) to try out, as well as a weave structure (taquete) I had never heard of, and combined the two to make pretty cool looking rug.

Unfortunately, ambition got the best of me when I was warping for that project, and I decided to put on a warp three times longer than I needed for just the rug with the thought I would make a pair of throws with the remainder of it.

Now, the colors I used for the rug were dictated by the lot of Rug Filler filler I found on eBay, which was black.

Further, I had also acquired some Maysville Rug Warp at a good price from someone else's destash that also played a role in the color choices. Although, I supplemented with the purchase of a couple more colors, as well as several cones of black, as I needed to throw a tabby after every throw of the filler.

The colors were fine, but as I mentioned in the original…

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