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Classic Overthink

The numbers were all worked out, truly they were.

I also had the colors chosen and a warp ready to go!

I had a plan in place, and it was well on its way to execution.

However, I discovered huck lace in the interim...

In this photo, I am referring to the texture created by the huck weave, not the color or the stripes or anything else:

Of course, I wanted to weave it.

So much so, I threw my carefully made plans to the wind and began playing with numbers for a huck lace project, until..

Well, until I realized the huck lace I wanted to do was a four-shaft draft.

All of my looms are eight shaft, but on the 24" Meg, I only had enough heddles to do a full sized (20" to 24" wide) towel on all eight harnesses, not four.

Of course, I could have taken heddles from the last four harnesses and added them to the first four, but I had no desire to do that.

If you are wondering by what I mean with not enough heddles, I have 79 heddles on each of the first four harnesses and 75 heddles…

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