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A Plan Comes Together Beautifully!

Several months ago, I wanted to do something extra special for a very dear friend of mine.

We acknowledge Christmas and holidays, but between friends, birthdays have actually become something more meaningful, an acknowledgement that someone genuinely appreciates and celebrates the fact you were born.

My friend has always been great about remembering my birthday, and I thought she deserved something made just for her.

I am not good at surprises.

In fact, I think they are a bit overrated.

My fear has always been to spring something on someone that they absolutely HATE, then it is awkward for everyone.

So, back in the summer, I mentioned I was thinking of making her fabric for a poncho to gauge her reaction.

It was positive.

I followed up with what colors she might like.

Autumnal, she said.

Okay. That was pretty much all I needed.

I searched Pinterest for inspiration, and found an abundance. After checking my stash, I put a color combination together, placed an order to fill in what I ne…

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