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When I posted about Kate Davies The Oa pattern the other day, I had it all figured out, I was going to use black for the background, a blue for the Fair Isle pattern, and burgundy as the accent. I ordered the yarn and another circular needle, then waited.

Everything came in, and I was off working on another project, until last night, when I finally sat down to swatch.

Rather than follow the designer's swatching directions precisely, I decided to cast on with the burgundy, do a little ribbing with the burgundy and black, and then follow her instructions for the swatch pattern.

The burgundy and black looked good together.

The black and blue looked great together.

However, the burgundy with the black and blue just did not do it for me.

The entire time I worked on the swatch, I kept thinking there was something I would like better, but I did not have anything appropriate color-wise in sport weight to add to it...

But, I did have something in fingering weight that would give me an idea…

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