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When I retired to bed last night, I had every intention of getting up and continuing to knit on the sweater I began last weekend.

The front is completely done.

I am 14 inches along the back, and at 16 inches, I will begin decreases for the arm hole.

My plan was to knock out the back today and cast on for one of the sleeves.

There is no hurry to finish the sweater, but I thought I would ride the wave of momentum for as far as it would take me.

I would like to say I have exclusively been knitting, but that is not true. I have been dividing my time between knitting and spinning (with a brief foray into stitch marker making).

Now that the studio is finished and completely organized, I am most pleased to report it has been extremely easy to keep neat and organized, as everything has a place!

I thought I would be spending more time in there, but that has not been the case. What weaving I have done, has been on Lil' Miss. I adore the twill blocks. In fact, I have been tempted just to wea…

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