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It's the little things

Belle the 36" Leclerc Nilus and I have been having ongoing issues with brake slippage.

The new brake cable has been working great, but there is a part of the brake drum that must be smoother than the rest and whenever it was in a certain position, the cable slipped while I was weaving. In all other positions, it held fast.

While not a deal breaker, it was annoying, as I had to release the brake and the cloth advance ratchets,  roll the front beam back to give more slack to the warp threads, get up, wind the warp back on the back beam, then sit down, engage the brake, and tighten up the warp again.

Ordinarily, I should only have to release the brake and advance the cloth beam without moving.

I was able to weave on Belle, but as soon as I hit that smooth part on the brake drum and had to do all of the above, I would stop and find something else to do.

Since Belle came home in April, I have noticed, at least, half a dozen posts on the various Facebook weaving groups about Leclerc br…

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