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Full Circle

In the fall of 2014, my weaving life began when a friend brought over a loom she had acquired in an auction. Her fateful words, as she left it with me were: "Good luck. I want you to learn how to do this, so you can teach me."

The loom was a Schacht table loom. It was 25" wide and had 8 shafts. I named her Lady Vanessa because she was so intimidating. There's a photo of her in this post.

Shortly thereafter, on October 27, 2014, I posted this photo on Facebook with the comment:  "This is what I aspire to in weaving..."

I loved everything about this woven fabric, including the color, pattern, and texture. For a long time, I searched high and low for this pattern, but always came up empty.

If you know me at all, linen is my thing. I wear linen nine months out of the year. It is the perfect fabric and only gets better with age and wear.

For years, I have coveted linen sheets, and I have talked about how much I would love to have linen sheets. My plan was to ma…

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