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Why not?

Flush with the success of the first set, I went ahead and washed the four hanks of the first Maysville Rug Filler I acquired, one brown and three blue.

They were not as smelly as the six other ones, but they were not fresh, either.

The sweet husband surprised me last night by swapping out the broken drum on the Beast!

I was able to begin warping for the taquete rug; however, the remainder of the warp does not arrive until Thursday.

This was the five day old drum before:

Here is the after:

In Lil' Miss news, she is weaving right along. We are on the 4th of 9 towels. I have been alternating plain weave stripes with point twill patterns on each one. She is such a sweet little loom!

The decision to acquire a second loom was sound one. I love having one up and running at all times.

One of the things I have discovered with the draft I am using is that it was developed for a falling shed loom, rather than a rising shed of my looms.

When the shafts are at rest, they are in neutral positio…

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