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Down the Rabbit Hole of my Brain

For those who know me, I am quintessentially the Type A personality that is driven, motivated, and tenacious. My thirst for knowledge is complimented by a love of planning. I think about things, a lot. Although, it rarely takes much time for me to reach a conclusion or make a decision.

The acquisition of the lovely 36" four-shaft Leclerc Nilus loom back in April set off a very interesting and ultimately rewarding string of events.

First, it was nice to have a second, smaller back up loom to the 56" Macomber. It solidified my desire to have a loom dedicated essentially to tea towels, place mats, napkins, and baby wraps. This freed up the bigger loom for blankets, wide fabrics for clothes (and ponchos), and all manner of interesting things.

Secondly, it had a sectional warp beam. At first, I failed to appreciate what an asset this was. My initial response was to recognize it was regarded as a premium upgrade, but this was tempered by my lack of knowledge and experience with on…

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