Monday, January 26, 2015

Not the wisest decision...

The loom has languished most of the last month, but not through lack of desire, just a nagging feeling that I had made a very poor choice in warp.

I had this beautiful Madelinetosh Merino light in a gorgeous color called "Coquette."

I had visions of using this luscious singly-ply for a warp and black as a weft for an intricate pattern using all 8-shafts of my loom:

It took some time, but I prepared the warp and began threading the loom.  It actually took three of us (me, my mother, and the husband) to wind the warp on as one was needed to handle the tail, one to make sure the paper was straight, and me to keep it from felting as it when through the reed/beater.

That should have put me on significant notice that my yarn choice was poor.

However, we prevailed and before the New Year rang in, the loom was properly dressed.

New Year's Day, I began weaving and immediately discovered that despite threading it correctly and following the pattern specifically, the instructions for the above pattern, did NOT result in the same woven pattern.  It is simply wrong.  Flat...damn...wrong.

I checked the threading sequence five times, as well as the weaving pattern....

They simply did not match up.

This is what I got:

There's a pattern, yes.  The above is actually the second run at the pattern, as I cut the first out, convinced the mistake was my own.  It wasn't.

The above is a shot of the backside....It's a pattern. It is a pattern that matches another pattern in the book, but not the one I had intended to make.

This did not make me happy, as the mistake was not mine to own.

However, as I did not like the ridiculously long floats in the first picture, I was prepared (two weeks of sulking later) to cut my losses and just weave in an even pattern, using the lovely MadTosh for warp and weft to make a long, wide shawl.

Two hours in and a third broken weft later, I had to re-rethink my plan.

Using single ply for warp is a fool's errand.

For the second time, I decided to cut my losses, even though the even-weave fabric is nothing short of stunning!

There is just no way the warp will hold up long enough for me to make a shawl, it is coming apart with every beat of the reed.


Lesson learned.

The good news is that I can tie on to the existing warp and pull through the reed and heddles without having to thread each least, I hope I can, damned fragile, beautiful single ply.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Breckon is the first finished project of 2015!!


Pattern:  Breckon by Amy Christoffers
Yarn:  Yarn Carnival High Wire 3-ply in Amaranthine

The pattern is extremely well written and easy to follow.  The lace and textured stitches are easy and stunningly beautiful!  As far as knitting goes, it was a fairly easy knit...there was just a great deal of knitting as this was light fingering weight yarn.

The sleeves, which I started with, were knit well within a week.

As the body is knitted with the back and both fronts combined, it was a bit of slog to get to 16" under the arms where the fronts were finally separated from the back.  From there, both fronts took an afternoon to complete, and the back another evening or two.

This actually came of the needles Friday night, and I gave all the pieces a lovely long soak and blocked them. They dried overnight.

Saturday morning, I seamed the shoulders and attached the sleeves.  That probably took about an hour, hour and a half.

However, the button bands and collar took the rest of the day to complete.

Instead of just steaming the additional knitting, I went ahead and soaked in all again, as I realized I needed to block it a bit more aggressively to fit me.

It was even more beautiful after the second blocking as the lace popped dramatically.

The yarn is beautiful.  It bled both times I soaked it, but the color does not appear to have noticeably dimmed.

The fabric is light and squishy with a good bit of warmth.  Perfect for layering.

I love it!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Project Overview

Out of the 45 projects completed, here is a mosaic of 36 of them (Mosaic maker maxed out at 36):

Had I been thinking properly, I would have broken them into two separate shots, one for weaving and the other for knitting...

Maybe, next year!

Monday, December 22, 2014


Another project has just come off the loom. It is a four-shaft textured pattern that could not have been easier.

The yarn is a sport-weight that has been discontinued, but it is so soft.  The weight and texture of this scarf screams it should be a blanket.

The hats were a success with many happy recipients.  Reid's face says it all:

This is why I knit for people!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

AND, that's a wrap...

At least, on the hats.

Pattern:  Habitat by Jared Flood
Yarn:  Cascade Eco Cloud

The yarn is Aran weight and simply a joy to work with. It is undyed and consists of a braided cord of yarn, rather than a spun ply.

This hat is a bit heavier and thicker (ergo, warmer) than the others.  The husband has claimed it as his own!

With that, I am done with hats for a while.

Weaving to resume shortly!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The hats that will never end...

The original order for the Wee child (and her friends) was for five hats...I knit seven, but apparently, I still need one more...

Here are six and seven:

Pattern:  Habitat by Jared Flood
Yarns:  Malabrigo Rios in Ravelry Red (on top) and Madelinetosh Vintage in Fig (on bottom).

I think I have this pattern down...may I move on now?

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Closing in

My mother is often purposefully vague about her arrivals and departures.  I guess it gives her some measure of control while she stays with us.

In any event, after weeks of hearing her state that she would be in Texas after the 15th, she changed things up a bit and divulged yesterday that she would be arriving today.

The day before yesterday I warped the loom for a scarf for her, thinking I had, at least, until the 15th to finish it.

A late night with plenty of support and encouragement from the handsome husband and loving friends, one of whom sent warm vibes while watching the meteor showering and enjoying hot chocolate, and it was done!


The warp was Alisha Goes Round Tracks of Bison in #243, while the weft was lace weight with flecks of silver, I dyed myself!

I used 126 ends with finished dimensions of 9" x 66" without the fringe.

There was a passing thought to twist the fringe, but things are likely to get really twisted soon enough.

In other news, I completed Habitat #5 for the season, and I had thought I had only one more to go, but then I thought again, and cast on yet, the hat count remains at two more...

Off to clean the kitchen and prepare something for's coming!