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Easy come, easy go...

A couple of weeks ago, a sweet friend plagued by very trying times contacted me, inquiring whether I knew of anyone possibly interested in her spinning wheel or weaving equipment.

Initially, I gave her what leads came to mind. One of those leads later told me, the friend was more interested in selling the weaving equipment as a lot, rather than piecemeal.

After some thought and a discussion with the husband, I decided to ask the friend what she wanted for all of the weaving equipment, including the very same loom, which was actually my first floor loom. She named a price, and I agreed.

I contacted one of the leads and asked if she were still interested in the warping mill. She was.

As to the loom itself, a warping board, and other accessories, I was not quite sure what I would do with them, but I felt as though I could give them a home, until someone else came along.

In fact, we are hosting my third "daughter" this summer, the best friend of the younger daughter. Both will g…

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