Still Stealth Knitting...

Oh, my!

Has it been a whole week since I was here last?

Well, the red cardi for the child's American Girl doll is nearly complete. I have an inch or more left of the hood and three wee buttons to sew and it will be done. Photos will definitely be forthcoming.

Several months ago I worked on a pair of socks out of Opal self-striping yarn. It was one of those projects that I had taken into work with me to fiddle with during lunch. One of my friends in the office was quite taken with the socks. Once I finished them, I tucked them away in a cute little box with the thought I would give them to her for her birthday.

Well, her 60th birthday is upon us and I gave them to her the other day. She could not have been more pleased. She immediately put them on and has worn them twice more since then.

It is such a pleasure to put thought, time, and effort into something that someone else actually enjoys.

I would love to knit more socks, but they are so very time consuming, particularly those done in the finer guages, i.e., size 0 or size 1 needles.

Out of the ten pairs of socks I have knitted, I have only claimed one pair as my own.


Maybe once my Christmas knitting is complete, I can remedy that.

In the meantime, one of two gift scarves are on the needles and it is turning out quite beautifully. Again, pictures will follow.


I've been checking out patterns for gift scarves. I've two on the needles -one 100% wool in Yarn Harlot's One Row pattern and one in a funky rayon/wool in the same pattern - though I think I'll frog it and do a simple rib pattern.

I have some Noro that I need to use up and am thinking I will attempt an Entrelac Scarf for my ma. I may need some tutelage on that though . . .
Feisty said…
Post 'em!

Let's see 'em!!

; )

As to the entrelac scarf, will be happy to talk you through it. It will take more than one skein of noro, though. How many do you have?

The green scarf I did originally was in Plymouth Boku. I used two, maybe three skeins at 99 yards a skein...

I made it before I was actually on Ravelry and did not keep good notes back then.
adamboysmom said…
Hey, you should try a multi-directional scarf. It was one of my first scarves and it was a great learning project. Check it out on Rav, with Noro it looks amazing.

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