A cardi for Chrissy?

Or should I say B-Side Cardi for Chrissy?

This pattern is described as a lightweight cardigan made from sportweight yarn to keep "the fabric thin and wearable all year long."

I live in South Texas. I really do not need a lightweight sweater. What I would like, though, is a heavier weight sweater that I can wear in lieu of a coat for most, if not all, of winter.

For my dear friends who live in the frozen tundra of the Great North, all I can say is that you are more than welcome to visit us. You can even move down, in fact.

So, instead of the sportweight yarn called for in the pattern, I have decided to use a worsted weight Malabrigo in Olive (purchased in part with a wonderful gift certificate from from Bobo to my wonderful local yarn shop). Thank you again!

I even swatched it, although in this picture it is not dry yet.

The gauge called for is 24 stitches and 36 rows per 4 inches square on size 4 (3.5 mm) needles.

The bottom part of my swatch was knitted on size 5 3.75 needles because I tend to knit tighter; however, gauge was way off.

Above the purl row I used the size 4 needles and got as close to gauge as I am ever able to get: 22 stitches and 36 rows per 4 inches square with a much denser fabric than the original pattern called for which was the point. In addition, I LOVE how the Malabrigo has knitted up.

Thus, I am not too concerned about swapping out the yarns.

Now, I just had a date with Mr. Tape Measure. In a bra and my favorite t-shirt my ample bust measures 47.5".

Yeah, that makes me not so happy, but what is a girl to do?

Size-wise, the pattern shows a finished measurement of 48, 52, and 56 inches for the bust.

To determine which size is most comfortable for me, I took out a favorite sweater whose fit I really like. With the sweater on, I put bits of tape on the widest points to get an accurate line, then pulled it off and measured: 50 inches.

Now comes the math.

The pattern calls for 6 stitches per inch. My swatch shows I am knitting 5.5 stitches per inch. Length was spot on.

48 inches (one of the pattern sizes) = 288 stitches

288 divided by 5.5 = 52.36 inches

52.36 (the projected finished bust size of the cardi) minus 47.5 (my bust size in a bra and t-shirt) = 4.86 inches of positive ease.

That sounds pretty darn good, but only if I my calculations and formula are correct.

If I have made a mistake and the cardi comes out a bit too small, I can also increase the button band to compensate an inch or two, if I absolutely have to.

If it is too big...ribbit, ribbit, ribbit off the frog pond it should go.

Any thoughts?


adamboysmom said…
yikes, you make my head hurt. If it is too big, could you skip the button band and someone put in a zipper? That might take up some of the positive ease. I really like that sweater. I have heard of some people using for example a size 5 and a size 4 needle to knit with and they came up with perfect gauge. I am not sure if that would help or not.
adamboysmom said…
I meant to say somehow instead of someone.
Feisty said…
Those are great ideas!

I really wanted to make that felted jacket, but I could not justify buying more Malabrigo to do it when, I think, this sweater will carry me through.

Wish me luck!

; )
It will be perfect! A little big is ok because you will likely wear things underneath. :) Oh, and I think it is gorgeous! The color is fabulous.

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