I want one!!

The new Twist Collective is out.

There are many beautiful things in it; however, something, in particular, has caught my eye.

I love it!

A felted knitted coat. I assume this how the pea coats of yore were originally made.

Were I to make this, I would probably add a bit of length to cover me bum, as my Limey friends would say.

What do you think?


adamboysmom said…
I think it is awesome. However, to felt something that size would scare the dickens out of me. Felting just seems so unpredictable at times. At least to me. I really liked several things. The lace shawl by Anne Henson was really pretty. I also loved Gytha. I would never make it because the colors would just accentuate a section of my body that doesn't need attention drawn to it!

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