Falling in love...all over again...

with my stash.

It is a beautiful thing.

While not big on New Year's resolutions (because, really, how many of those do we actually keep long-term?), I have been thinking about setting forth a little challenge to myself.

By far, most of the yarn I have is sock yarn, both fingering weight and sport.

Out of the forty-five or so projects I completed last year, twelve of them were actually complete pairs of socks.

Can you see where I am going with this?

A pair of socks a month is entirely doable.

And, I have (Holy Crap!) enough yarn for sixty-plus pairs of socks. Now hold on, not all of it was purchased with the intention of making socks, a fair bit, particularly the nicer stuff from Miss Babs (which were actually payment skeins for test knitting - Yay!), Madelinetosh, and The Plucky Knitter have some lace patterns written on them.

The bonus here, of course, is how much I adore wearing knitted socks, of which I only have two pair.

So, with whatever else I may be doing, at least one pair of socks will be completed every month.

I am even thinking of being selfish about it. I may make them all for me!

Aside from sock yarn, my stash has dwindled considerably. I had four skeins each of two different Dream in Color Classy colorways: Black Parade and In Vino Veritas. The husband gave me a gift certificate to woolgirl.com either for my birthday or our anniversary and I bought the yarn then.

Originally, I was planning to knit a skirt with the Black Parade and wanted to knit a wrap with Vino; however, I was dreaming. I no longer have the figure to wear knit skirts. Seriously.

And while I love red, I rarely wear it. I have always bought red to wear, but never wear it because I have never been one to draw attention to myself. Hard to believe, I know, but true. So, the red wrap was really not going to happen.

Enter Mom.

There is a long and winding tale, but suffice it to say my darling mother has called both sets of yarn for sweaters for her.


That means no more guilt over what to do with the beautiful yarns.

Worsted-weight-wise, the only other major purchase that is inflicting pangs of guilt are four skeins of the same colorway, but two each from different color lots, of Lorna's Laces in Amy's Vintage Office.

I love the yarn and it is super soft, not to mention superwash, despite being 100% wool.

There are 900 yards of it.

Not enough to make a sweater for me, but plenty for a wrap.

But, there is another but, the yarn is variegated (and from two different lots) and I just do not think I will wear something with that much color.

So, I could make a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves with a good bit of yarn left over. I just do not know.

The guilt, of course, will continue until I have dedicated the yarn to a project, not actually cast on for it.

The good news is that I have time. There will be plenty to keep me busy while I search for that perfect project.

In the meantime, I will keep knitting away and showering great affection on my stash.

Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting!


Lolly said…
While I do have plans for making several pairs of socks, one per month is not in my future! Not for twelve months straight, at least. I'm anxious to have my own pair of fingerless mitts (before winter is over.)
Merry Christmas!

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