The Boy likes to sit with me in my chair as I knit. He helps. I'll knit a few stitches and he knits a few stitches and so on . . .

The other day, we were at Michaels and he saw a "Knit kit" for a teddy bear. He wanted to knit it for our friend's baby who he absolutely adores. So I bought it (it was $4.50). I cast on the first leg so he could knit it. After some issues, we frogged it back and started again. He lost interest after the third row. So, it seems, I am knitting a teddy bear. It is supremely easy and I will likely repeat it later . . . but for now, it is a "mommy knits 8 rows, Boy knits 1 row" project until it is finished. At this rate, it will be done this time, next year. . . *snicker*

I will post when it is finished!


Feisty said…
That is awesome!

I cannot wait to see it!

; )
adamboysmom said…
Sounds cute!

I bet the boy will be eager to show everyone what 'he' made!

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