Adopting a new approach

Don't laugh.


Do not laugh at me.

The WiP pile is under control. I started 2009 with a total of 9 works in progress. I just marked the oldest one off my list.


Eight to go, and by the end of the week, I think a pair of socks will duly be dubbed: Pair I, January 2009.

Which means, of course, eleven more to theory. I say "in theory" because I have modified my 2009 goals to give me a bit of wiggle room. I am aiming at offing 12 skeins of sock yarn this year. If that translates into 12 pairs of socks...WAHOOO! I just reserve the right to transform them into different forms.

However, I really desire to do more than just 12 skeins of sock yarn (or pairs of socks).

There are a number of sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves, fingerless mitts, and wraps calling my name.

The new approach?

Well, instead of buying a bunch of yarn for a project in mind, I fully intend to test swatch the hell out of a ball of yarn to make absolutely certain it is appropriate for the task intended.

It is my hope this approach solves all manner of dilemma.

1. It will give me something new to play with at a subtantially reduced cost.

Instead of buying fifteen skeins for a pullover only to discover a) the color is not so great, b)the yarn makes sucky cables, or c) it itches, I will have only invested in one little ball.

2. Swatching is damned important.

3. This will give me a chance to test drive different kinds of yarn, particularly lower cost varieties (Elann, KnitPicks, etc.) that I have, heretofore, eyed skeptically. (I have actually been burned by one of the Elann yarns, so I am a little wary, although I have heard good things about KnitPicks and have two separate skeins on order to test drive.)

4. Swatching is almost like starting a new project without starting a new project. Read immediate gratification here.

5. Lest anyone think these single balls of yarn will go to waste, I intend to become the Queen of One Skein Wonders, after all, I already have three books on the subject.

Anyone with me?


Lolly said…
I haven't tackled a project yet where I needed to buy more than 5 skeins. But I have purchased some yarn that looked beautiful but was too scratchy. And who wants to wrap a scarf around their neck when it's scratchy? I was thinking this morning that i may need to buy some malabrigo for the scarf I'm wanting to make. I believe it's soft enough (but I'd better double-check) and I love the kettle-dyed color variegations.

How are you liking your malabrigo B-side cardigan?
adamboysmom said…
I think it sounds like a great plan. Which knitpicks yarn did you buy? I am exceptionally happy with the Palette I have.
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

Yes, I love the Malabrigo, but have not been working on the B-side cardi lately. I'm trying to get a jump on my sock knitting goals for the year.


I bought a skein each of CotLin and Elegance (an alpaca silk blend, I think).

The colors of the palette yarn you bought are gorgeous!

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