The downside of knitting

This time last year I had lost right at twenty pounds and was getting more active. Things were rocking along nicely, even though I had wanted to lose more, I was feeling good and pretty content about it.

Then, of course, the pounds crept back and I am within just a few of gaining it all back.


In addition to vitamins and allergy medicine, I take prescription medications for migraines: Imitrex and a low-dose beta blocker.

While beta blockers are typically used for hypertension, that has not been an issue for me. Conversely, when the doctor first put me on the beta blocker, my blood pressure was on the low side of normal, typically around 90/60.

Yesterday it was 124/72.

For the first time in my life, I had a medical health care professional encourage diet and exercise.

He asked what had changed in the last year.

I told him I was more sedentary now because I am obsessed with knitting.

He laughed, then offered: "Perhaps, you can knit on a treadmill?"

Yeah. I guess there is that.

UPDATED: Looking on the bright side, if I were to lose weight and tone up, I would actually be a smaller size and require less yarn... Theoretically, sweaters for me would take less time, right?


Lolly said…
That is right! For me, too!

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