Knitting Fiend

Ok, I'm not a knitting fiend, but I have been knitting. I have proof!

This one is a Zitron Loft Color yarn - in a colorway I have dubbed "wild and crazy color" and which I used to complete another challenge scarf - Ms. Feisty her ownself challenged me to a "Foooour Hoooour" scarf. It took me 6 hours - I knit slow.

This is a Be Sweet boucle mohair yarn in colorway burgandy-brown but in the photo it looks pink - don't know why that is - that I turned into a scarf for an 8 year old. She loved it.

Lastly, I have begun a fun fur scarf in Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn - colorway Copacabana. :)


Feisty said…
Knitting Fiend, Scarf Queen, they both kind of rhyme, don't they.

Either way, AWESOME!!

Those look GREAT!

; )
Lolly said…
Those are pretty, especially the fun fur. But is it hard to knit with? I've always THOUGHT it would be hard.
It isn't hard to knit with at all. I think it is fun and it feels nice too.

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