Laundry day at Lolly's

Hello Feisty Knitters!

You wanna know what I've been doing today? While the cold March winds have been geting a day's headstart, I've been watching my Hemlock Ring Blanket drying!

And not outside whipping away in these ferocious winds; but inside on my pool table. I laid down some foam interlocking blocks between two sheets and started pinning....

.....and pinning....

That's right. This blob.....

...has been soaked in cool water with a little bit of fabric softener, pressed between several towels, and pulled and patted into this lovely ring of wool and mohair fibers, measuring 46 inches at its widest.

I'm sure it will probably shrink up a few inches after unpinning; but I'm going to force myself to leave it pinned until I'm sure it is completely dry. Then I'll take a bunch more pictures without the pins.
It would have been about an inch wider all the way around, but I left out 3 rounds - three long rounds, way out on the outside edge. That's what happens when you put your project down for a month without making any notes and are not experienced enough to be able to tell exactly where in the pattern you are when you finally pick it back up. I'm very lucky that it turned out as well as it did with such a mistake.

This ball of Peace Fleece is what I had left over - about 150 yds! Maybe you can see the flecks of color that are in the yarn - it's not just plain gray.

This project was easy knitting and I wouldn't be surprised if I make another one someday!


Feisty said…

Absolutely stunning!!

You should be extremely proud of yourself.

; )
How pretty Lolly! I started a kids

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