Hap Knit-a-long

How is our progress coming along, ladies?

With the center square complete, I am 20 rows into the multicolored lace edge. There are a total of 72 rows. Then, there is the edging. All and all, I think I am a good 80% done.

I am a little concerned the colors I chose are a bit too garish, but I shall without judgment until all the colors are complete.

Hap, hap, happy knitting!


Lolly said…
I finally got my camera out of my husband's vehicle this morning, so maybe I can get some photos posted soon! I'm about 80%, may 90% finished with mine. It's been a few days since I've touched it; so I have more than just this project to report on. :) The only thing I'm a little concerned about is that the size of the fans are smaller than I expected them to be.

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