Hap Shawl Complete

I finished the Hap Shawl Challenge! The edging is on and it is blocked! As I suspected, it is very large. I haven't actually measured it, but it is at least 5 feet by 5 feet.

I am very pleased with the colors I picked out and it matches my family room quite well.

The first picture is out on my deck. As I was posing the shawl, it caught on a nail. Grrrr

This second picture is inside on my leather chair.

This was a very enjoyable knit, from start to finish. The changing of the colors made it difficult to put down. I spit felted each of the new ends for the color changes so I only had two ends to weave in on the whole project.

Thanks to Christina for encouraging me to knit this! It never would have been on my radar to knit, had you not suggested it.


Feisty said…
Your hap shawl is STUNNING!!

I'm so proud of you!

Now I need to get back to mine.

Thank you for the inspiration.

; )
Lolly said…
That is so beautiful!! I'm planning on finishing mine up soon, too.
Great job!

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