Choix Entrelac Socks

This is a test knit for Woolgirl with Miss Babs Yarn.

The pattern was interesting, although, I spent an inordinate amount of time weaving ends due to the number of color changes.

One of the things I enjoy about test knitting is learning new things. This is a perfect example. While not a pattern I would have chosen to make, I enjoyed learning how to add the contrasting yarn to the edge of the ribbing and do the color work on the heel, both design elements I anticipate using again in the future.

As to the pattern proper, for the medium size the number of stitches cast on 64 on a Size 1 needle, but after the entrelac pattern, the instructions indicated one should switch to the large Size 2 needle.

With gauge spot on, I found the cuff on my medium-sized foot and calf to be too tight and the ankle and foot to be more than an inch too big. If I were to knit a pair of these for myself, I would use the Size 2 needle for the cuff and entrelac, then use the Size 1 for the remainder of the leg and foot.


Hmm. Rather whimsical. . . I like it!
Lolly said…
I like the colors of the entrelac squares at the top. They give it 3-D depth.

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