Seeking inspiration

While I have several things on the needles at the moment, I decided to dig out an older WIP last night.

It was a lace scarf pattern that I liked, but I have a definite love-hate relationship with lace, despite the use of lifelines.

Fortunately, the knitting lace gods were smiling last night and I finished a whole 28-row repeat without infraction.


Unfortunately, those same gods were quite pissy this morning and it seems I could not complete two full rows without having to tink back and fix something, usually an omission of a yarn over.


In search of a little inspiration to combat the urge to frog the whole thing and dedicate the yarn to a pair of socks, I decided to soak and block what I had already done to persuade myself it was worth the heartache and frustration.


I came to the same conclusion.

Back onto the needles this will go. It is far to lovely not to finish.

Pattern: Gothik Scarf by Oceanwind Knits
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in Gothic Rose (Can't go wrong with two gothics, even though they are spelled differently.

The blocking photo does not do this yarn's color justice. Here is one I took when I first added it to my stash sometime last year.

While I was working at the computer and waiting for the yarn to dry, I pulled out a skein of Malabrigo I had in the color called "Dark Earth." It is something I acquired from another blogger's destash a while back.

When it arrived, I knew to whom it would belong, a friend of mine in the military who is supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan sometime very soon.

Winding the skein into a center-pull ball, I looked through my queue and decided to make him the Habitat hat.

Decision made, I bought, downloaded the pattern, and printed it out. As I was casting on, I was still sitting at my desk and heard the "ding" that I had received an email.

The person for whom the hat was to be made had just sent me an email. Apparently we were channeling one another.

Unbelievable as I had not heard from him in a while!

I immediately responded and asked when he was to be deployed. I linked the pattern and told him he was on my mind as I had just started to knit something for him. I told him I would send it to his cabin, unless he instructed me to the contrary.

He was delighted and said "I'll be in the 'stan soon enough though. I'd love to get that hat there."

God love him and keep him.

So, here it is at the moment:

While I normally do not like to mix variegated yarn with cables, the colors of this Malabrigo screamed camo to me. Besides, it gets very cold there and there is nothing as wonderful as Malabrigo against the skin.

Pattern: Habitat by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in Dark Earth

No additional inspiration is needed at the moment. This hat will be finished, then I shall cast on some Malabrigo in Olive for a balaklava and a pair of gloves for my friend.


LauraB said…
I suspect I know your recipient and I can hardly think of anyone more deserving!

I LOVE that yarn! Such a perfect pick and an excellent pattern, too.

Well done, as always!
Lolly said…
that Gothik pattern is pretty awesome! You can do it! It will get easier the more you work on it, you know. :)
He is going to love that hat by the by!
Richmond said…
Beautiful work! And he will indeed love the hat! :)

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