Socks, anyone?

Back in December I started this pair of toe up socks in an Opal sport weight. This was dedicated to car knitting when I found myself waiting for the wee child to bounce off the bus or when in an inordinately long train or something.

To put it gently, this little project has not seen a great deal of action, as I completely forgot about it.

After a nice meal with the family last night, I picked through my basket of WIPs and rediscovered it.

Just a few short hours later I had the whole foot done, including short-row heels!

While the yarn is not as fine or fancy as many of the hand-dyed fingering weight I have in my stash, the color changes are charming and socks made from this yarn are hard wearing and fun, not to mention quick.

This project has me pouring over my stash in search of other forgotten gems.


adamboysmom said…
I noticed that KnitPicks just came out with sport weight sock yarn. I may have to try some if they go that fast!
Catherynne said…
Aha! Found you (again) Ms Feisty C! (grin) I am always deeply impressed by people who can knit two socks at once. I can barely focus on one at a time, but at least have learned to cast on the second sock immediately after the first ;-)
Feisty said…
Thanks, Lolly!

Hey Christine! I can drop you some Opal in the mail, if you like.

; )

Hey Catherynne! How are things in Kiwi land? Glad you found me. I assume you came through Ravelry, right?
Michele said…
When I saw the top picture I thought you were into knitting a bikini!!! *L*
Richmond said…
Very pretty! Love the blue!
I love them. They are very cute and look comfy.

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