Teardrops of Joy!

Thursday night I finished the Forest Canopy Shawl in Miss Babs Yummy sock yarn in "Teardrops" and immediately soaked it to block and dry.

This morning I convinced both daughters to model for me.

Even though I attached it upside down, did you notice the shawl pin?

Be sure not to miss Adamboysmom's post below, she has been busy this summer and uploaded her finished projects!


Lolly said…
That is a beautiful color! She'll love it.
Richmond said…
It's quite lovely. Good for you!
Kit said…
The lace is just gorgeous! Awesome job!
Feisty said…
Thanks, ladies!

This really was an enjoyable knit. This pattern is a great introduction to lace.

Hopefully, Alexis will like it and send us pictures of her modeling it.

; )
Gorgeous! She is going to love it! I do hope she sends pix!
LauraB said…
You guys just make me want to cry.

AMAZING selection of yarn and pattern...I know it takes time to get that sort of skillbase but STILL...

I know she'll treasure it as will daughters to come...

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