Blowing the yarn budget!

Sometime last May or June I sent Stacy over at The Knitting Nest an email asking about ordering a bit of Malabrigo. I love doing business with Stacy because she is just so darn nice. It does not hurt that she has a lovely shop filled with great yarns.

Time passed and in July she emailed me to let me know she had finally received a response from the Malabrigo representative with a list of all yarns available which she promptly forwarded to me so I could order what I wanted.

Well, of course, I wanted everything, but that was not possible, so I asked her for a bag (10 skeins) of worsted Sealing Wax and half a bag (5 skeins) of worsted Simply Taube.

One day last week, Stacy emailed to let me know the shipment had just arrived.


As I work in San Antonio, today was the first day I could get up there. Wee One and I struck out late this morning (the Knitting Nest opens at one), ran through Borders Books and Target, then stopped by the yarn shop.

Oh, my word, Stacy had the most beautiful array of Malabrigo!

Here is the Sealing Wax I ordered:

In addition to the five skeins of Simply Taube, I had to add another one to the bag, just in case:

On my list of things I needed to acquire was a skein of Cascade Superwash 220 for something else going to Afghanistan. I chose the color Walnut:

A dear friend and colleague is expecting his first child in October. He told me the other day they are having a baby girl. Lorna's Laces in pale pink called out to me when I walked by:

Then, just when I had convinced myself I was finished, I made the mistake of glancing over at the sock yarn and two skeins literally jumped into my hands.

Malabrigo sock in Cote D'Azure:

and in lettuce:

Of course, these will not become an ordinary anything, although, I have no idea what they will become, because the combination of these colors is just too extraordinary:

Can you imagine Sigrid in those yarns?

Or what about Sikkim

or Joni:

Then, of course, there are always these mittens

The possibilities are endless...

I love knitting!


LauraB said…
Nuh UH! I am cackling over here...

And I demand you do that blue and green in the first noted pattern. Not that my demands count but I just wanted to say...

An amazing pick...what a STASH!!
Lolly said…
I was going to suggest some mittens, but I see you have some nice ones already in mind. It's amazing how that yarn can literally jump into your hands isn't it? that Sealing Wax is beautiful! Is it a bit on the red-orange side of red at all?
Swoon! *second glance* swoon again! I love all those colors. All of them!!

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