Inching along

While it may not look like much now, there are 27.5 inches of ribbing from the shoulders to the hem on this back section of the sweater. I would like to say I am halfway there, but there are the sleeves to consider.

Not too bad since I started this Saturday night!

In an effort to streamline this project, I have decided against adding cables along the front and sleeves as they would slow me down considerably.

This decision was made after I reviewed and organized all of my knitting yesterday and realized I have a ton to do, five sweaters, not to mention hats, scarves, and gloves, before my holiday gift-giving plans are complete.


In other news, Susan's birthday is in October. I cast on for a Raglan Shawl that I designed last year. Hopefully, this one will move quickly, as soon as I can get back to it.

Love the color.


Richmond said…
The shawl color is beautiful - and will be beautiful on her!

The sweater is lovely!
kenju said…
Lolly, thanks for the visit and comment! I love it.
LauraB said…
Sheeshamondo! You absolutely hauled needles through that sweater! Well done!!

And I love that rich purple shade, too.
Lolly said…
I really like the color of the sweater. Huggable!

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