Knitting furiously...

but no pictures to show for it.

Good news: Both back and front sides of the man sweater are complete. Not bad at all for ten days worth of intense knitting.

Bad news: Only just cast on for both sleeves (two at a time because I hate reading directions more than once) earlier this evening, but I *hate* knitting sleeves.

To entertain myself, I may go ahead and wash, block and seam the sides so I can work on the collar and take a few pictures. Perhaps, that will inspire me to knock the sleeves out.

If anyone is interested in making this sweater, I must add the ribbing is quite soothing and the pattern is wonderfully written. The designer paid extra special attention to detail and it shows.

Pictures next time, I promise!

In other news, what have you guys been working on?


Okay, I hate sleeves. I really do. Sleeves are why I do not knit more sweaters. One of these days I will learn to make the sleeves first...


The sleeves are on hold as a migraine as settled in. No knitting while one has a headache.

However, I went ahead and soaked the front and back pieces.

They are drying now; however, I did take a couple of shots of the neckline and how the decreases are made three stitches inside the neck edge for a charming little detail. Of course, stitches will be picked up once both sides have been seamed together for a bit more interest and finishing.


adamboysmom said…
Just to show support, I am working (reworking?) the sleeves on the sweater I am making for my hubby. If you recall, it is a very exciting 4x4 ribbing. I have about 5 inches to go on each sleeve and I can join the to the body.

Yea monotony!

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