Put the needles down...

and step away from the sleeves...

In the prior three or four days I have spent at least twenty hours knitting these sleeves two at a time.

Before I went to bed last night, I just knew I had two or three hours left before I could cast off, wash and dry them, then seam them to the sweater and be just damned done.

Don't get me wrong. I love the sweater, but on size 4 and 5 needles, it is a HUGE amount of knitting and I am generally not a monogamous knitter. However, I was trying really hard to finish this one completely before I moved on. The last sixteen days have been devoted exclusively to this project. With my short attention span, that is like an eternity.

I spent a solid three hours on the sleeves this evening and they are now 23 inches long, but I have only just begun shaping the sleeve caps and it has quickly become apparent I have another three or four freakin' hours (at least) until I can say I am finally done.

Can you hear the frustration oozing out of my pores?

Add that to computer issues (the damn thing locks up for ten to fifteen seconds two or three times when I try to type just ONE sentence) and I am almost suicidal.

Yeah. It is definitely the little things which send me over the edge. People dying and houses burning down, no problem, I am ten feet tall and bullet proof. Technical crapola and minor blips here and there, I am ready to drive off a cliff.

For the past hour I have been having an internal dialogue trying to convince myself it would look just fine as a stupid vest. Obviously, that is not true; however, as I was trying to infuse positive vibes into this thing and not get someone shot the second he puts it on while in a foreign country, I am putting it down for a few days.

As the question posited in the previous post, I decided to order just a skein of the Swish Bulky to swatch and wash before investing in a sweater's worth.

While I like a deal just as much as the next person, I have found in all things, you typically get exactly what you pay for and there is a reason most premium yarns are pricey.

As soon as the test skein arrives, I will do a little test and, of course, post my results.

Happy Knitting to each of you, as I head off to sacrifice the cat or a dog or two to the knitting and computer gods, sadistic though they may be.


Swish Bulky sounds like fun name for yarn . . . I should dye yarn . . . just so I can name it . . .

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