Quick Update - Lolly

I fully intended to prepare a post this weekend to elaborate on the projects I have in progress as well as the few little ones that I have actually started and completed recently. But awhile ago, during breakfast surfing, I realized I had not looked at the latest issue of Twist Collective

I’m only a few pages into it; but it certainly starts off with a bang! So, I’m not betting on writing too much of a blog post today. But I will post a few pictures I’ve taken of late. Commentary will have to follow later. If you’re a Raveler, you could see a few details here.
I actually started and completed these items during the past week!

Cozy Crawlers (aka Leg Warmers) for a 3-yr-old dancer.

Book thong anyone?

This little lined pouch was knitted and sewed up the week before. It's made for sweet small treasures...

I am working on the match to this manly mitt. My long-lost brother has a birthday in September. Won't he be surprised!

I will be finishing this pale pink pinwheel of a baby blanket soon! The baby is due to arrive in September (such a fine month!) I plan on devoting a whole post to this project in the near future!

Below, the parts of MY sweater. It's coming right along! What you see here is one front panel, not quite finished at the top; the lower third of the back; and one sleeve not quite finished at the top. It's called Cinnamon Bark in Forest Afternoon (at Ravelry.)

Lastly, the beginning of a Summer Tunic for a little girl - we'll see if it continues or not. I'm not too sure about it.

Below, is an Urchin cap I made for my sister that has received some special treatment to make it fit. I swear I haven't had the best of luck with hats. Maybe I'll get around to elaborating more on this later. But from what I've read, Urchin is not a "sure thing" when it comes to fitting. In the future, I may stick with hats with ribbed bands.
That's all folks.


adamboysmom said…
I love the color of the manly mits! You have been very busy, great pictures.

I also have trouble with hats. My troubles may involve incorrect row gauge, but they never seem long enough if I knit them according to pattern. I am going to try hats one more time.
Feisty said…
Wow, Lolly!

So many beautiful things!

I love them all, but cannot wait to see your sweater. Is that the Miss Bab's yarn?

Book thongs...awesome!

; )
Lolly said…
Thanks ...mom! I'll be trying more hats, too. I know I need to make at least two for Xmas, for men. I'm going to keep it simple.

Yes, Feisty, that is Miss Bab's yarn.
LauraB said…
Ditty on the mitt yarn! LOVELY.
And I adore the wee little bag!!

A book thong?! Vewy intewesting!!

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