Swatch me go!

Yesterday, I finally finished the man sweater sleeves!

Yay! Oh, Yay!

Except, of course, they are too long...sigh.

While I waited for them to dry, I began swatching for the sweaters I had in mind.

Wee One came in and immediately spied the Debbie Bliss Denim Aran and asked me about it. While we were looking at it, I did a few calculations and realized if I doubled the yarn, I might have enough for the short-sleeved hoodie. Casting on a couple of dozen stitches, I hit pay dirt!

My gauge was spot on!


Returning from the office a little while ago, I cast on. As this is knit on size 10 needles, a couple of hours of attention resulted in this:

Want a closer look?

This will not be a stealth knit as Wee One is anxiously watching its progress.

The yarn is knitting up beautifully and I anticipate this will be a much loved and worn item. I am particularly pleased with the fabric it is making. They do not call it Denim for nothing. This thing will go straight into the washer and dryer with the jeans and I can tell it will weather and soften more with time.

The only down-side is that the cotton is tough and does not give at all. Hand fatigue will pretty much be a constant. I shall have to couple this project with something springy and soft, perhaps, the v-neck red sweater for mom.

Lest anyone think I am short-changing the wee child, fear not. Come Christmas morn she will have a knit to open.

Several months ago, Woolgirl asked me to do a jacket for Miss Babs to take to Stitches South.

Here is Sweet One modeling the finished garment:

Pattern: Tribeca by Dolce
Yarn: Miss Babs worsted Yowza in Frasier

When she asked if I would make her one, Wee One selected more of Miss Babs Yowza; however, her colorway was Blue Grass:

I even found the perfect little button to go with it:

As inquisitive as she is, Wee One's will be the most difficult to keep under wraps. I think for the time being, I shall cast on late one night, then carry it off to the office to work on during lunches.


Lolly said…
I love that button and the yarn to go with it! That denim looks great! I may have to get some for my granddaughter. Y'all are gonna be praying for cold weather. You may have to head North for the winter. :)
Feisty said…
What am I thinking, huh, Lolly?

We have had a record summer with over 50 days of 100-plus degree weather and I am hell bent on knitting sweaters.

I think I may be a bit touched in the head, no?

; )

The Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim is discontinued, but Elann and Rowan both carry Denim yarns. I really do like it, although it is tough on the hands and I am more than a bit concerned I may not have enough to finish the project.

7 skeins of the project yarn equals 875 yards.

I have 1776 yards of the Debbie Bliss, but since I am doubling it, I actually have 888 yards. That is a mere 13 yards to spare and I'm sure I used more than that in the swatch I washed and gave Wee to play with.

Gorgeous - she will look spectacular in it!
Also, though I'm sure you've had this thought, though it is discontinued, if you do a google search for it (I did) there are some vendors that still carry it I believe ;) I know . . . preaching to the choir. ;)
Feisty said…
The great thing about Ravelry, you can see if others have an extra skein or two they are willing to trade or sell, although, I doubt it will be the same lot #.

That said, I scored one skein for $6 last night. Because I am using the yarn held double, it should minimize the color difference due to different lots.

I have another request in with someone else on Ravelry, too.

My worry is that because the cotton is not stretchy at all, the cables will eat up more yarn than wool already does...

I have 10" of the back done, so I'm half-way through this piece.
LauraB said…
"10 inches..."
*grumble, mutter, shuffle*

Yeah, fine. It's PRETTY.
*kick, pout*


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