Would you believe thus far in 2009 I have actually knit 19,430 yards of yarn?

That is over eleven miles.


Another gift sweater is now complete.

There were no models available and I simply did the best I could. Hopefully, once this is gifted, the recipient will agree to a little photo shoot...

Pattern: Nottingham
Yarn: Classic Elite Montera in Lavender


Lolly said…
I thought that was for you! It's very pretty!
LauraB said…
Tarnation! That came out so lovely!!! Well done and what a lucky recipient!!

As for your miles of knitting? AMAZING. Frightening and amazing. BUT it'd be a very slick little data point for Ravelry to track. They need a widget.
Kit said…
As always, a beautiful job!
It is so, so beautiful. She will love it. And with her skin tone and coloring it will look fabulous on her!!!
Richmond said…
It's lovely. :) Such a pretty color!

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