Delightful Surprise

Lately, I have been on the hunt for v-neck sweaters for my own personal wardrobe. I had several store bought ones that I loved, but they were lost in a house fire and I have not found any with which to replace them. Now that I have taken up knitting, the search has been for patterns.

A few weeks ago I noticed a new pattern floating about on Ravelry from Mission Falls called Aspen:

While not wild about the color work on the sleeves, I liked the overall simplicity of the design.

A little research on Ravelry showed this pattern was for sale by Mission Falls in a booklet entitled Duet. There were four designs uploaded to Ravelry and, as I assumed, there were only four patterns.

Imagine my surprise when I received my order and there were a dozen designs, especially as several more jumped out at me:

Now I realize the two-tone teal of Gabriella is not v-neck, but the vertical ribbing is very nice and I like the subdued colorwork.

The blue vest could easily be converted to a sweater with afterthought sleeves and even a bit of cabling running down the center of each of them.

The purple jacket would look nice over black slacks or a skirt.

I love the neckline of the last one. The different shades are nice, but even in one color, it would be lovely.

Oh, yes, I am seeing endless possibilities.


LauraB said…
That Gabby is AMAZING. LURVE it!!
And yes, that cabled v is definitely a must make-over w/ sleeves.

I MIGHT be tempted into a sweater pattern post-sox...I've been hunting. And, of course, awaiting that Zimmerman green swtr pattern when it comes out.
Lolly said…
I like the purple one best. But also that last one.

Hey, check out the "payment options" at this site!
And the Jessie Lambdin shawl and the Warren Johnson colorwork jacket.

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