Just a little knitting

Actually, quite a bit of knitting, just nothing finished.

First of all, I cast on the other day for Sweet One's Christmas sweater. The pattern is a simple v-neck style from Berroco called Arzote.

There are only a few modifications that I am making, I am knitting it in the round, omitting a breast pocket and instead of short sleeves, I want to make them longer; however, rather than re-chart the design, I am using Wendy Bernard's afterthought sleeve formula from her book Custom Knits.

Now, I have to admit, when I first bought the book I was disappointed in the patterns; however, since my knitting has improved, it has proved to be an invaluable tool as I gain the courage to modify things to suit me and my tastes.

The afterthought sleeves are picked up from the arm hole and short rows are implemented to create the sleeve cap. It is ingenious. This allows one to choose the length and style of the sleeve, rather than being committed to the pattern as instructed.

This has opened my eyes to a wealth of possibilities. I see a lot of vests with v-neck or square necklines that I really like, but I do not wear vests, ever. With this approach, I have found a few that can be modified with sleeves to suit me. Yay!

In any event, I finished the body of Sweet One's Arzote and almost finished one sleeve, but was unhappy with my execution with two circular needles. I decided to rip it out and order a 16" needle to accommodate me better. Thus, it would be completed by now, but I am still waiting on my needles to arrive.

Instead, I decided to cast on the same sweater for dear old mom; however, knowing her, I opted to add a bit of length to it. Mom's sweater is in the red In Vino Veritas from Dream in Color Classy. Sweet One's is in a deep blue-purple in Knit Picks Elegance.

Here is a grouping with the large shot representing the original pattern:

(If you click on the mosaic, it gets bigger.)

The pattern called for worsted weight, but I used dk for Sweet One and got gauge, although it did change the drape of the sweater. Mom's is in worsted and is already making a stiffer sweater. I think they will both be lovely.

As far as office knitting during lunch goes, Wee One's Tribeca is coming right along. The yarn actually makes me smile.

Here is a triptych showing the original design, the test knit I did for Woolgirl, and the progress so far on Wee's sweater:

My purse knitting is actually a pair of mittens for Wee One, probably a birthday gift for her.

Lastly, I have a pair of basic socks on the needles for Susan. When I asked what she would like for Christmas, she laughed and said: "Socks! I only have one pair and I need more. I love these."

Susan's enthusiasm and joy for the things I have knitted for her genuinely warms my heart. So, socks she shall receive.

For those keeping score, I have already completed two gift sweaters and cast on for three of the four sweaters to be unwrapped for the family Christmas morning. The last sweater is for the husband. I have already wound the yarn and swatched, but not yet cast on. I want to finish both Mom's sweater, as well as Sweet One's before I begin his, but it is still September!

This makes me hopeful I may actually get it done as there are other gifts, like hats and more socks that I would like to make.

I even have my eye on a sweater for me to be done by Christmas, but that may be pushing it.

My gift to myself this year will be a photo of my darling family all wearing their sweaters on Christmas day.

I know, I am such a goober.

Before I forget, I actually learned how to sew in a zipper. I completed the finishing on Wee One's hoodie!

As you can see, Wee was less than pleased to model for me, but I think she looks adorable. With the recent rain, my roses have begun to come back again.

So, anyone else doing any knitting out there?


Lolly said…
All I do is knit! I think about blogging about it....but it just hasn't happened yet.

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