Speaking of converting vests to sweaters...

Interweave Knits sent me an email this morning with several free patterns out of one of their current specialty magazines called Interweave Knits Weekend.

The pattern is Valkyrie Vest (click that link to download).

The sizes stated are from 27 - 40 1/2" bust circumference.

According to the pattern, the vest shown measures 31 1/2" bust modeled with about 10 1/2" negative ease at the bust and some positive ease at the hip.

I understand what positive and negative ease are, but it still concerns me. The only thing I can think is that with the ribbing, the sweater shrivels up when not worn.

With the "afterthought" sleeve formula I discussed in the previous post, I think I can add some of that diagonal ribbing to form a vee pattern at the top of the sleeves.

I already know what yarn I am using, that bag of Malabrigo in Sealing Wax:

The only thing I am concerned about, I am bust heavy, but narrow through the hips. I really do not need a lot of extra positive ease through the hips, so I need to sit down and alter the pattern to accommodate me. With all the Christmas knitting going on, I actually think I have some time to decide.

Any thoughts?


Lolly said…
I really can't speak for "narrow through the hips." As I try to imagine it, though, I think you'd want it to just fit comfortably snug around the hips, wouldn't you? And to gradually narrow from the width at the bust down to the bottom, if it's not just straight down.
That is a pretty pattern. Your sleeve idea sounds challenging!
Lolly said…
An idea on the sleeves: have you seen the article at Twist Collective about the Green Sweater that was knit by Elizabeth Zimmerman? The way the knitting on the sleeves is angled in a V shape might be cool with this. You could add ribs to accentuate the "V." Just an idea.
I'm tempted to get the pattern when Schoolhouse Press publishes it. The style and construction of the sweater looks like it would be good for someone who's bust heavy.
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

I LOVE that pattern. I love the squared neck, the sleeves, the history, everything.

The first thing I did when it was posted was go over to schoolhouse press and sign up for email notices.

This vest/sweater conversion intrigues me. I may go down a size to make sure it doesn't hang like a tent around my hips in A-line fashion.

Thanks for your input.
LauraB said…
You two!! That was an incredible article~thanks for mentioning it here!

As for the pattern...I saw that in the newsletter and said - ugh, vest...

With sleeves - and chevron'd at that? Darling idea. LOVE it.

Hips? Couldn't you do a sort of panel under each arm of that stretchy rib stitch? It would then hug a bit like a corset. I reckon a genius knitter could even make those chevron in to echo the theme...

Heck, I'm a newb so I could be completely mad. LOL Regardless, cannot wait to see it!

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