That Wee Imp

Yesterday afternoon the husband and the wee child were on the internet looking at guitars. Wee One has decided she would much like to play. Both the husband and Sweet One play guitar.

After they were finished, but while she was still sitting on her father's lap, Wee decided to zip on over to Ravelry. She poked around for a minute or two, then the husband came trotting into the bedroom where I was happily ensconced on my sofa, knitting.

Husband: "You have a knitting blog?"

Me: "Yes, I sent you the link many months ago."

He stood for several seconds, searching his brain, then responded, "Yeah, I think I remember you mentioning it, I just didn't realize you were still blogging at all."

Me: "Stay off that site, there are things there you shouldn't see."

Husband: "Knitting?"

Me: "Of course."

Smiling, he happily conceded as he returned to the living room.

Later than evening, Wee One came to visit with me and promptly got on my computer. I could see she was on Ravelry again.

Me: "What are you doing?

Wee: "Checking out your projects."

Me: "Why?"

Wee: "I want to know what you are knitting for me."

So much for the best laid plans...


Lolly said…
Funny! At least you know they know.
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

I actually don't think she got that far. According to the husband, they saw the website from the friends' blog page on Ravelry; however, I need to figure out how to hide more things on Ravelry from the wee prying eyes...

; )

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