Beagle Boy

As promised, the body of the husband's sweater is complete, including collar.  All that remains are those pesky sleeves.

Taking a quick moment for a few shots, the sweater and I walked around the yard and visited the rock grotto, as well as the husband's fly-fishing boat (I anticipate this will become a favorite garment for that activity once winter actually arrives).

Knitwear is almost always better captured while being modeled by a live human (as opposed to a dead one, particularly), but this is the best I could do under the circumstances.

The texture of this pattern, as well as the softness of the Malabrigo, make this a wonderfully tactile knit.  I also love how the yarn has subtle tonal variations.  I think it imparts such character and interest.

Pattern:  Beagle by Norah Gaughan
Yarn:  Malabrigo in Marine


the Bobo Knitter said…
And he will look mighty handsome in it!
adamboysmom said…
That is one beautiful sweater. And I mean that in a manly way of course!
Lolly said…
That will be a babe-magnet for sure! :)
Feisty said…

That's funny, Lolly.

They will be hooked, until they reach the beer belly...


Thank you, ladies!

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