This morning Sweet One asked if I could take her and the Sweet boyfriend to a yarn shop.  The boyfriend would like her to knit him a scarf for Christmas and, as he is kind of picky, picky, she wanted him to select the yarn.

Wee One came along (and we had a quick chance to meet up with Laura and her handsome trooper and exchanged a few hugs).

Not one to be left behind in anything, Wee decided she wanted to knit a scarf, too, one for herself.

She selected some Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend:

Lovely, no?

Does it remind anyone of anything?

Earlier in the year the child picked out some Miss Babs Yowza in Blue Grass for me to make a sweater for her.

That yarn?

Right here:

While obviously not the exact same yarn, they are very nearly the same combination of colors.


The Sweet Boyfriend chose some nice Tahki Yarns in Savoy:

The scarf pattern has yet to be determined.

I found some Malabrigo in Purple Mystery (which is actually more purple than the blue pictured here) and destined to become a Cabled Cowl:

and in Taureg

A lovely outing.

Now, time for Halloween!

Stay safe everyone and enjoy!


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