That Stash Issue

Oh, sure - it's an innocent enough invitation. " us at the yarn store and we'll get lunch after."

I had a list - no, I did! I needed some make-do yarn for the Sox Of Peril. I might find a nice plain black to finish them in. It was that and a needle, perhaps. But I had discounted the evil that awaited me.

Let us consider the kind of person that 1) introduces you to knitting then 2) shows you lovely yarn selections and 3) feeds that new-found yarn lust by deliberately bringing you into the den of iniquity. And where was her stash, eh? Hidden! Did she even get any?! I had an armload of lovely stuff and wobbled about, the list forgotten.

Oh, it was nefarious, I tell you. Absolutely underhanded. But THEN she found me back in the sock yarn area, about to settle for a skein of black to finish the blasted feet of the aforementioned sox. Lo, how casually her arm swung wide to encompass the Jitterbug that I had walked right by. "Why, look! Isn't that the color..." Yes, friends. She lifted a brow delicately knowing all the while that this was it - I had found Stash Nirvana. I snatched at them, my hands forming claws in their intention of acquiring all the Banwy in the known universe.

I tell you this - when Trooper comes home and sees the skeins poking out of the bag I shall lift my own brow and say, "She made me do it, dear. She is a danger to society and something really ought to be done."

Then I shall take the Banwy aside and give a quiet cackle, "My Precioussssss..."


Feisty said…

I out-bought you, honey, trust me. I quickly made my purchase and took it outside before returning to help you with yours.

What are friends for, I ask?

; )
Lolly said…
Was this the crawl weekend?
I'm not familiar with this...Banwy? And it's probably a good thing.

So far this weekend, only one on-line purchase - but there's a Plucky Knitter shipment hitting the net in about 15 minutes, I believe.

Laura, it's good to see ya 'round!
LauraB said…
Hi, Lolly!
It was the crawl wknd, I think, but we only assaulted the one shop. It was enough. LOL

That Banwy is a Colinette yarn colorway (Jitterbug is the yarn type). It precisely matches Multicam camo shades so all the guys love it and have asked for gear made in it.

I only forgot one thing - a ball winder. LOL

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