Down with the count!

Despite typically feeling like a slacker, a quick inventory of finished projects tallies up quite impressively:

12 Sweaters (three more on the needles)
9 pairs of socks (granted 2 pair are made up of 4 individual test knit socks)
5 hats
4 scarves
2 shawls
1 pair of mitts
1 bookmark
1 swiffer pad

In addition to completing the three sweaters presently on the needles, I hope to do three more pairs of socks, a couple of hats, and a pair of mittens before Christmas.

Even if nothing more gets done, I feel as though I have had a darn good knitting year!


Lolly said…
Holy sheep sh....shears!!
:) I'd say that's an extraordinary year. Especially for someone who has another job, a family, and a bunch of other stuff.
But I believe I have you beat on mitts. And bunnies and mice for sure!
Michele said…
Quite impressive! Checking out a yarn shop in Katy, she gives lessons for dummies! Might meander over there sometime next month and check it out,,,
LauraB said…
You shame us all! LOL I swear I don't know where you find the time. Whats more - you seem to luck out on pattern/yarn combos so that each piece is lovely!

Well done, Mistress o' the needles!

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