Sweet One entered a college program earlier this fall and is some five to six hours from home.  To my surprise and delight, she has taken up knitting again as there are seven other students who have formed a knitting group.  She has made a tam and is currently working on a manly scarf and hat for the Sweet Boyfriend (who, thankfully, is still here in town with us).

Last month she sent me a link of a sweater she loved and wanted.

I finished it last night.

Pattern:  Owls  (Ravelry link, but if you go here and scroll down, you can see it, too, as well as a ton more here.)
Yarn:  Rowan Cocoon

The yarn has grown on me.  I was fine about it in the beginning.  My hesitation was probably due to the price tag at $15.95 a skein (I used a smidge over five, but bought seven); however, this stuff blooms wonderfully after a soak and a wash.  It is 80% merino and 20% mohair, so it is a bit fluffy with a nice halo.

I must say, I am seriously in love with Rowan yarn.  Everything I have used has been wonderful.  My only reservation about going whole hog about them is the price.  They are definitely expensive, at least for me.

The pattern was fine.  I guess the jury will remain out until Sweet One actually tries it on.  I had not made a yoke sweater before and am somewhat concerned about how well it will fit.

I shall post it to her on Thursday, as tomorrow is a Federal holiday.  Hopefully, she will love it and take a few pictures for us.

Next up:  Wee One's Tribeca which has the body complete, but I have only just cast on for the sleeves...


Anonymous said…
I agree with you about Rowan. This used to be a lot cheaper. I haven't ordered from her in a while, so you'll have to check it out. http://www.jannettesrareyarns.co.uk/
LauraB said…
LURVE the pattern! Wants it we does...can't wait to see the pic!

I have a couple searches on ebay for Rowan - often one can get the giant sack o' Rowan reasonably. But there is the thing about it being discontinued so buyer beware and all that...

That kidsilk? Yeah - not much avail even on ebay...
adamboysmom said…
Very cute!

I have only used their kidsilk haze which is frustrating and awesome all at the same time. In fact, I have to make another wisp for Christmas with it. Anxious to see what a few years of experience does to change the impression of both the pattern and the yarn.

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