Wet and blocking

but done!

This appears misshapen as the hips are not nearly that much wider than the bust.  It must be the way I have the sleeves pulled out.


The neckline is lovely.  It is almost a sweetheart and not a true vee.

Pattern:  Eileen Tee
Yarn: Malabrigo in Simply Taube (Simply Taupe)

I had 6 skeins and used all but about 50 yards, but the sleeves three-quarter length, rather than long.

LOVE this pattern and the yarn.  A fairly quick knit, too, as it took me just over a week.

If I can get someone to take a few shots, I might even model this one.  I adore it THAT much!

I will be knitting another of these for me in a different color, perhaps that saffron...just need to get the last of that Christmas knitting out of the way...


Michele said…
Someday Maybe I'll be able to do something like this!!! ;>)

Take my first 'lesson' next week; we'll see if knitting is my cup of tea then,,,

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