Cables Are For Masochists

We've all looked at them - those lovely sweaters with the perfectly intertwined cables dancing along a sleeve. Or those overly ambitious items made of nothing but cables by intrepid knitters.

I, too, have heard their siren song. I want those beloved swirls of yarn to fall from my needles. I've watched the Knitting Help videos that make it seem a relatively simple process. And so...I started on the Owl Hat.

Practically two rounds of cabling. Just a very few stitches, really! This was, at least, what I told myself.

Round one? A little difficult...some cursing. Struggle onward.

Round two? Mouth set hard, anger building, cursing like a sailor. The final set of cable stitches? Botched. Blame is firmly passed on to my husband who had distracted me with, of call things, a view of a sabot round from a tank on the television. For that...for that I am left with a confused lump of a mess.

I threw the needles, yarn, and ball on the table in disgust, flounced into the kitchen , turned off all the lights, and went to bed.

I refuse to even look at it. I am hating its slate-y shading. Hating its small gauge. Hating its snarled up set of a mere 6 stitches. And I did what any sane knitter would do.

I started a new project.


Michele said…
*LOL* Ohhhh that so sounds like me!!
Feisty said…
Come see me, Laura!

I would say meet me at the yarn shop, but I am on a stash diet.

Come see me, then. I will sit with you and you will *love* cables!

I promise!

; )
Lolly said…
Ha! I love starting new projects!
I'm no cable pro, but I haven't come across any that bad. I have plans on making some little owls, though.

Take Christina up on her offer!
LauraB said…
I have since discovered the perfection of cabling with wooden needles. WHY do they even SELL that tiny metal hooked thing?! It's a trickery. All it did was flop around.

I am cruising through the hat, now. Woot! Or Whooot!

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