My First Finished Project!

The old adage 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' just isn't true! At my advanced age I am learning to knit, finishing my first project this week.

Mz Feisty has graciously invited me to join this elite group of knitters. While the caliber of my knitting skills is nowhere near other's in this group, I am learning! I'm finding the joy of the trip, albeit frustrating, is as much fun as the final destination.

Without further ado, I hereby present my first finished project, the proverbial scarf!! (I must thank my model, who sat as still as a chair, enabling me to get my photo)


wonderful! What a gorgeous scarf!
Lolly said…
That is Beautiful!
Feisty said…
It is gorgeous!!

A hundred times better than my first effort.


; )
Michele said…
Thank you, thank you everyone! *S* I've already ripped up my second project to start over again! *L*
Feisty said…

That is why it is called "KNITTING" and not scarf making or sweater making...

; )
adamboysmom said…
Beautiful! I love it!
LauraB said…
Very nice!! I take it the shading was due to the yarn? Which one did you go with?!

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