Simply Malabrigo sweater

Well, today I wore my new sweater!

Here is a  shot from my cell phone camera.

I love this sweater!

While I have knitted three cardigans, this was the first pullover I have attempted for myself.

There were several things I have learned about fit.

My figure is apple-shaped with broad shoulders and full bust accompanied by narrow hips, and no derriere to speak of.

This pullover is more form fitting than the cardigans I have made.  As to ease, I have decided with pullovers, I need to mirror my actual bust size to the finished size of the garment with no positive ease.  In addition, I do no require any extra fabric from the waist to the hips.  Thus, when I next make this pattern, as well as for future pullovers, I need to cast on the number of stitches to match the waist-line, then increase from there according to the pattern, effectively eliminating half of the waist shaping, as this sweater flares slightly from the waist unnecessarily.  This is by no means a defect in the pattern, just my figure.

My wont has been to select sizes with at least a couple of inches of positive ease.  I have found this is not necessary because it is the nature of the knitted garment to stretch to accommodate when worn.  In this case, the finished measurement of the sweater as it lies flat on my bed is the exact same as my actual bust size; however, when worn, it is not stretched tightly, but has a couple of inches of comfortable give.

Does that make sense to anyone, but me?




The Bobo Knitter said…
I wanna see the whole sweater! ;)
Michele said…
No doesn't make sense to me yet, but someday it will!! *S* I'm with the bobo knitter, I want to see the whole sweater!!

AND *drumroll please* I have my first WIP!!! I only know one stitch, but it's a very pretty wool tweed.

Maybe I'll email you a pic, just don't look at all the booboo's!! *L*

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