Current project - top priority

There's a very special birthday coming up this Sunday - my granddaughter's. She'll be five! Look what I'm knitting for her.

It's been an amazingly quick knit for me. I started it one week ago and I think I'll finish up tonight or tomorrow. It will be my first completed sweater!

Can you tell what pattern that is? Look closer...
Can you see the owls taking shape?
If you're not familiar with Kate Davies' Owlet, you start at the bottom, knitting in the round, and you knit up the body of the sweater to the underarms. Put that on hold. Then knit up the first sleeve to the armhole. Put on hold. Do the same for the second sleeve. After putting a few underarm stitches on "hold" you start knitting one sleeve, the front of the body, the other sleeve, then the back of the body, and you've made a round connecting all the pieces together! And that's when you start the pattern for the owl yoke. It's easy and quick.
I'm so glad I undertook this project. I had taken my granddaughter's measurements back in September. I'm a bit worried that she may have grown a couple of inches since then. According to my measurements, there will be about 4 inches of extra room through the chest, which will allow the sweater to easily be worn over an undershirt and still quite comfortably loose (I hope not too much.) The sleeves look plenty roomy too, with the cuffs snug. The bottom of the sweater should hit her just below the waist (unless she's grown.) I probably should have added an inch or two to the length to ensure that she'd be able to wear it next year, too! But we'll see. Knit and learn, right?
Ravelry link here.
More later - (I'm doing my best to be on time for work this New Year! Yeah, we'll see how long I can keep THAT up.)


Feisty said…
Oh, Lolly, I LOVE it!!

What a satisfying project.

I cannot wait to see that beautiful child in it.

; )
Lolly said…
Thanks! I forgot to say that I plan on putting a couple of buttons for the eyes, but then take a bunch more in different colors and let her choose which ones she wants for the other eyes. Hopefully, it will be something she'll want to wear.
Michele said…
What a cute sweater.

Letting her choose the 'eyes' is a great idea!

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