An Extra Hand?

Anyone have an extra hand?? *S*

I cast on my first practice piece today on my quest to learn how to knit in the round.

Any hints on how to keep the stitches tight so I don't have a ladder up the side?


Lolly said…
Sometimes, depending on the pattern, I like to move the end stitches around by one or two sts, every 2 or 3 rows, so that I don't consistently have the same 2 sts at the ends of the needles. But with practice you'll learn the best way to hold the yarn and the needles as you're going from one needle to the next. You might find some You Tube videos. I find it helpful to watch others' techniques in that way.
Feisty said…
Lolly has some good advice.

double-pointed needles are not my thing, I'm a two circular needle girl.

; )

However, I think you are doing GREAT!!

Michele said…
Thanks Lolly! I didn't know you could move end stitches from one needle to the other.

Feisty, my teacher wanted me to learn on double pointed needles and then progress to circular needles (can't wait, either!).

I knew all you experienced knitters must have little tricks to the trade. *S*

Thanks for all the encouragement!
LauraB said…
I have read that while that first stitch in the join needs to be tight it is the stitch after that locks it in, so to speak.

So I ensure my first is tight but also the second...does that make sense? This is coming from my two circs view but should hold for the DPNs...
Michele said…
Thanks LauraB! I'm wondering if circular needles would be easier because you only have one joining place??

Don't you have to switch to DPN to finish even if you use circular needles?
LauraB said…
The "switch to DPN" depends on the project - socks, no. Hat, yes. But I find that when I do there are perhaps another 10 rows to knit so that it isn't a terrible burden.

I just get irked because all my hats thus far have had issues. Mostly too loose headband part (learned now to knit that on next smaller size needles) and not tall enough head part (haven't been able to fix THAT issue yet because I refuse to rip back when the dang thing is DONE).

The irksome-est thing is that hats all demand a 16 inch circular in order to make that small a diameter. And, of course, I haven't added a lot of those to my needle stash.

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