From the ashes of failure...

For the last several days I have been furiously working on Jamison Square.  It was the dk weight sweater I started in October knit in-the-round on very small needles...

Yes, well, yesterday I finally reached the point where I could separate the front from the back at the arms, then completed the front so I could try it on.

Because I was using 32" circular needles, there was no way to try it on, unless I ran a life line through all the live stitches, some 280 of them, then picked them back up.

That is certainly what I should have done because with the end very nearly in sight, I was devastated when I finally tried it on only to find I could hide another small person in there with me.

My gauge was spot on.  The pattern is awesome.

I am soley responsible for the epic fail.

Poor self-image, I guess.  Instead of just using my bust size to calculate the size to knit, I went up one thinking I might need a bit of positive ease.

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm top heavy with no hips and no caboose.

Here is a shot taken on a cold rainy day, meaning it was taken inside on my bed...

Still love the pattern, yarn, and color, but at this point do not know if I have the stamina to rip it out and start all over again.  I am trying to decide if I put in on hold for the next fifty pounds I gain or try to find someone it *might* fit, finish it and pass it along.

To console myself, I went through my stash and found a little mirth to brighten my day.

Specifically, Madelinetosh Vintage in Mirth.

Thereafter, I poured over my queue trying to pair it with the perfect pattern.  About ten o'clock last night I thought I had found it.

Pattern:  Sculpted Cooper by Kathy Zimmerman

Here is a close up of the pattern on the body:

By half-past eleven in the evening, I decided it was a lovely match!  Starting small, I began knitting one of the sleeves which uses the leaf-like pattern between other decorative stitches, unlike the overall leaf pattern on the body.  This is from the cuff up and is not quite a full pattern repeat:


I could not love the color or stitch definition more, but I am probably setting myself up for another failure.  This pattern has sizes from 45" to 50".  The last pattern was 48.5" and swallowed me whole.  Obviously, I went with the 45" for the bust this time around.

Of course, this is probably doomed for failure.  The pattern calls for 1700 yards and I have only 1600 yards.  I read somewhere in Ravelry that designers usually add up to 10% to the yardage as cush.  I pray that is the case here.  In order to save a few yards, as well as work with my shape a bit better, I have decided to drop the neck line a couple of inches to make a scoop neck, rather than the crew shown in the original design.

Wish me luck!


Maria said…
Hmmm....maybe you should sell Jamison Square to me. I have the hips for it!
Darn it!
adamboysmom said…
Frog it and put it aside for a few months. At that point, it will be a new project!
Michele said…
Beautiful color and pattern. Here's wishing you luck but I'm sure you really have everything under control!! BUT just in case, my size is ,,,,, *L*
The Bobo Knitter said…
I love them both!

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