Pumpkin Butternut

While a little out of season for either pumpkin or butternut, at least in South Texas, I have decided I like orangey colors.  The jury is out, though, whether they like me.

From a gracious yarn swap with a lovely lady, I acquired some of this:


Little Lola from Schaefer Yarn Company in Pumpkin Cheesecake.
For a while now I have loved this pattern from Anne Hanson of Knitspot called Butternut Scarf:

Of course, the pattern calls for lace weight yarn and my mind screamed worsted for some reason.  Actually, I wanted a wide and long scarf/wrap because that has become my knitwear of choice in our rather mild winters.  Taking the pattern, I modified the number of repeats and needle size.  Once blocked, I think it will be about 20 inches wide and I'm shooting for about 84 inches in length.

When the little Lola arrived, I knew exactly what it was meant to be:


Here is a gratuitous shot in a little more natural environment, the very back of the yard:
This has quickly become one of my favorite knits, ever!
Thank you, Maria, for the wonderful yarn.


Michele said…
That color is going to look great on you!
Such a beautiful pattern.
That does seem to be all one needs in the winter, except for a few days here and there. LOVE that fact!
Anonymous said…
That is gorgeous yarn. I wonder where I can get some!!! Perfect pattern too!
LauraB said…
Oh my Halloween-y soul covets...
LOL AMAZING and I think it was yet another great match of yarn to pattern.

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