In October, I had the husband order me some rather expensive yarn as a Christmas gift.  The yarn arrived and he wrapped it up.

I received it on Christmas day, but did not open the clear bags the four large skeins came in until today.  When I did, I discovered two skeins were of a cool tone and two skeins were in a more acid tone of the same colorway.

Now, I know with hand painted yarns there is going to be some variation and I usually alternate skeins every two rows to even out the colors, shades, and tones; however, when I did a test pattern of these two colors, I see stripes.

What do you think?

This really makes me unhappy, but I have no decided what, if anything, I am going to do about it.

I need three and a quarter of the four skeins to make this:

So, I have to use the yarn I have.  The colors are too different for me to use the acid skeins for the sleeves and the pretty cool tone for most of the body.  I really do no like the stripes at all.

I could use, I suppose, two skeins for one project and the other two skeins for another project, but these are expensive and I would have to spend quite a bit to acquire more yarn to make this cardigan.

The seller is someone I have done quite a bit of business with and I have not yet decided whether to say anything to her because I am not sure whether I am just being too picky about the whole damn thing.  All I know is that I am terribly disappointed.

Again, any thoughts?


Maria said…
I would exchange them. I know that usually when she gets different die lots of that brand in, she lists them Green A, Green B, etc. They probably just got mixed up.
Feisty said…
I'm so very glad you said that. I hated to whine. She's at TNNA for another couple of days. I'll zip her an email later in the week.

Thank you!
LauraB said…
I concur - I think it impossible to mix them - they are lovely each on their own, to be sure. But it isn't a nice stripe, really.

I am confident the seller will understand and especially since she knows you are not merely being particular.

Still...GORGEOUS color...
Lolly said…
I don't think it would hurt to exchange them, either, although I don't think the stripes look bad at all in the picture. But you have to happy with it! And if she treats you right, I and your other friends may just buy some yarn from her, too!
Michele said…
I must agree with the others!

Since the seller is someone you do a lot of business with I'm sure she/he must know what happens when Feisty isn't happy!! *S*
Michele said…
Okay, inquiring minds want to know the rest of the story!
Feisty said…
Hey Michele!

I sent an email and am awaiting a response.

We shall see.

; )
adamboysmom said…
I hope you get your problem resolved, but I think the colors look nice together. It sort of shows off the uniqueness of the yarn. But if you are not happy with it, there is no point knitting with it.

That is my next sweater too. However, I need to do a lot more work on the treadmill before I will allow myself to knit a sweater again. It is supposed to be incentive. ;)
Feisty said…

The seller was most helpful. I packaged up all four skeins and sent them back to her, she will return four that match up the most when she gets her next shipment in.


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