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Woo Hoo I now can say I've officially finished my second project!! No, not of this year, but of my knitting career!! *L*

I finished the little blue scarf just in time for the youngest grandson's birthday (next week). He loves hats, scarves, gloves or any article of clothing that says he's going outside to play. Since his mother is my daughter I can get away with telling her that if she shows the scarf to anyone who knows how to knit I will kill her!! *L* I cast on 13 times before I finally got it right! (or as right as it's gonna be, anyway!)

If mistakes add character, this scarf is so full of character it probably will get it's own TV reality show!


Lolly said…
Very pretty!! I hope you enjoyed it.
Feisty said…
It looks GREAT!!

Good job!

; )
adamboysmom said…
it looks nice and squishy and soft. What more could you want?
Michele said…
Thanks everyone for the kind words! *S*

It is soft and squishy and yes, I did enjoy doing it! I found it oddly relaxing to sit and knit like I hadn't a care in the world.
(relaxing once I got the hang of it, that is!)

They say it takes 10,000 hours of doing anything before you get good at it; I wonder if all the hours spent frogging count??? *L*
The Bobo Knitter said…
I think it is perfect!

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