Still Learning!

This old dog is still learning a few new tricks!! *S*

I don't have any new pics to post right now. I've finished my second scarf (ribbed) and starting on my third using a Faggot Stitch. This is the first pattern I've used; so far it doesn't resemble the picture but I'm hoping it gets there eventually!

I can increase/decrease stitches on purpose now!!!

You know you are letting a new stitch get the best of you when you hear a comment from the hubby 'I didn't know knitting was a contact sport.' Apparently I'm very verbal when things aren't going the way I think they should,,,,


Lolly said…
I'm not familiar with the Faggot stitch (that I know of.) There is SO much to learn. I'm going to look it up.
Michele said…
Lolly, you've probably done it a million times! All it is is k1 yo k2tog all the way across the row. It sort of makes a ladder looking pattern.

Only problem (I found out the hard way),,,if you forget to yo, you can't go back and rip out the row and pick it up!! Had to rip out 2 days of knitting to learn that lesson. Of course, 2 days of knitting for me isn't that much, thank goodness!!! *LOL*
LauraB said…
I live by lifelines, now - just thread some yarn on a needle and load a row of knitting on it (while still on the knitting needles). If anything goes wrong you can just rip to the lifeline. YES!

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