To Fringe or not to Fringe

Yippee, I've finished my third project (another scarf!).

The next question is, should I put fringe on the ends or leave it as is? I think my next project may be something knit in the round. I don't know how to do it yet, but I believe I'm ready to move it on up!! *L*


Feisty said…

That is awesome, I love it!

Beautiful color.

Fringe is a personal preference.

What were you thinking of knitting in the round?

; )
Anonymous said…
Yay! Nice job. I sense another addict on the loose!!!
Michele said…

I'm not sure what is next, but maybe a simple hat or a baby sock?? *L* I like to keep it simple!

Yes, another addict is on the loose! I've even got a stash started!!! It's small now but I'm sure I can work on growing it! *L*
Lolly said…
That is beautiful! I scrolled all the way down the page to look again at the blue one. It looks pretty with fringe.

So glad to have you join my blog. I would follow you if I saw a button to do so but I LOVE your blog. I so wish i was that talanted and I could knit. I remember trying to when I was a kid. I remember thinking it was so cool to do the needles so fast. Didn't work out for me though, let's just say I am not a knitter just a cook! I know you are new to the area so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me- my email is on my profile!

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