Be Mine

Today we had a knit-in at Yarntopia (the local knitting supply store). Some may think this is rather silly, but we made Valentine washcloths adding a 'secret' heart pattern.

You have to turn the cloth at an angle to see the heart, so getting a picture was rather difficult!

You can find the free pattern here.

(You can blame Feisty for releasing the knitting addict I had hidden deep inside me!! *L*)


Feisty said…
That is SO awesome!!

I could not be more proud of you.

I might have to drive all the way over to Houston, just to go with you next time.

; )
Michele said…
You are more than welcome to come along!!

I'm going Saturday to learn how to make a multi directional scarf.

I'm glad you talked me into learning, tho, I am enjoying the process!! *S*
Lolly said…
That's pretty! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
that rocks!!! Enjoy the knit-in's!!

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