In the beginning,,,

there was a ball of yarn and a will to learn how to make socks.

Presenting the first sock off of the production line ,,,

Hopefully it only gets better from here on out! I'm not too thrilled with the cuff on this one, but for a learning experience it'll do.


Lolly said…
Well, that was quick! What needles did you use? I'll have to see if you're on Ravelry.
Michele said…
I used US7 DPNs. Yes, I'm on Ravelry but I haven't posted anything there yet. Pretty lazy of me, eh?? *L* Cuts down on the knitting time when I post online!!!
Feisty said…

That is so awesome!

Good for you!

; )
LauraB said…
Toe up or cuff down? And good on ya for the DPNs - your first sock looks one heck of a lot better than mine!! WELL DONE!
Michele said…
Thanks Ms Feisty! *S*

LauraB it was done cuff down. I included a couple of design features not shown in this pic - ventilation holes in the heel (just small ones!). *L*

I've already started on the second sock to see if I can do it again!!

AND have my next project lined up. More later on that,,,

Is there a 12 step program for knitters????
adamboysmom said…
That looks great! Good job!

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