Feelin' Funky

At least, if my latest acquisitions are any indication, I am.

Ella Rae in Lace Merino (Colorway 111).  To be honest, I did not realize this was lace weight until I got home.  I thought it was a slightly more fine sock weight at 460 yards.

Colinette Jitterbug in Nocturne.

More Colinette Jitterbug, this time in Mint Chocolate. 


Michele said…
Ohhhh I like the new yarn colors!!

I'm proud of me, I went to knitting club at the yarn shop last night and didn't buy any new yarn!!! *of course, forgetting one's purse in the car helps*
LauraB said…
LOVE the nocturne!!
Hubby stood on guard today as I hunted some bargains - however, not as many as I thought. You did quite well!!
Lolly said…
I resisted the yarn shop today! That Ella Rae and others are all very pretty!

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