Looming just around the corner

is Mother's Day!

And, my mother is extremely picky.

As she has been asking what I have been knitting lately, I have the feeling she would like something extra special to mark the occasion.

Mom likes sleeveless v-neck sweaters; however, she is not a fan of wool and prefers silk or cotton.

I am not fond of knitting with cotton.

With Mom in mind, some fourteen months ago I ordered some yarn from the nice lady at Blarney Yarns on Etsy and she specially dyed it in a color selected by Mom. 

The yarn is a lovely blend of organic cotton 51% and bamboo 49%.  It is really soft and nice.

This will be the pattern:

Pattern:  Diana by Melissa Leapman in Hot Knits

I cast on earlier today and things have been moving right along:



Michele said…
Love, love, LOVE that color!! Your Mom is so lucky to have a daughter like you!! *S*

I'm binding off the scarf I have been working on and getting ready to cast on the little pink cowl today,,,wish me luck!!
Lolly said…
That's very pretty!
LauraB said…
I, too, LOVE that color! Of course, the pattern is slick as can be but that shade of blue is so perfect!
Lolly said…
I think Mom also needs a matching pair of socks!

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