New Things

Last Saturday I spent a few hours at my local yarn shop in a class learning new knitting techniques.

We (our class of five) learned provisional cast on methods and started knitting a button up shrug using Classic Elite Soft Linen.

I haven't gotten very far into the pattern, but what I have done I really like! My next new task?? Learning how to make button holes! (sorry about the picture quality!)


Feisty said…


That is one of my favorite yarns, too!

; )
Lolly said…
I've never tried that yarn, but it looks and sounds yummy!
I came by here twice, briefly, and saw this post, read "button-up shrug" and thought "button-up cowl." When I clicked on the link, I was surprised! That's a neat pattern! You'll probably be surprised at how fast you finish it. It's such a lacy thing!
Thanks for sharing!
And I have yet to do a real button hole (more than just a yarn-over (for a tiny button.) Good for you.

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