Plans and Progress

The Mother's Day v-neck pullover is coming along with some rather nice shaping.

 The back is complete and the front will not be far behind.

I have decided this needs to be finished by Monday, washed, blocked, and mailed by Tuesday. Thank goodness, it is sleeveless!

Next up will probably be something of an experiment in color theory with these two yarns (Ella Rae Merino Lace and Malabrigo in Tuscan Sky):

I cannot wait to cast on!!

More plans include Miss Babs Yowza in Cadet:

I have also come across some gorgeous sock yarn (Miss Babs Sport in Roasted Pumpkin) in a complimentary shade to my Saffron Pullover:

Finally, my BIG plans involve these:

However, I need to finish studying another book or two on dyeing and pick up a few more items.  When I showed the yarn to the husband last night, he mentioned how much he liked the color of them.  I think he was a tad disappointed I told him I was going to saturate them with color.

Anyone else have any plans?


Michele said…
I guess I could post about the little bit I've gotten done on my button up shrug,,,it's not much, tho!
Feisty said…
Please do, Michele!

I am just waiting for you to start your first sweater!!

; )
Michele said…
*LOL* Well, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!!

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